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To get started we need to know the name of your project, how many signs you are looking for and if possible, when your crane is being erected. Additionally we will need your logo in a vector format and your crane specifications (what size to scale the signs).

We have requirements for most common cranes but sign requirement sheet from your crane provider is preferred.

Our Signage is fabricated 100% in our facility in Monroe, WA.
We proudly offer a 5 year exclusive warranty. Formal warranty letter to be provided upon request.
Absolutely! We build our signage for tower cranes to last for many years. The framing details provide for the flexibility to be installed on a variety of cranes. The limiting factor for reusing signs on a future project is typically the size, if reuse on future cranes of unknown makes is a concern, we suggest limiting the size to 32SF which is a common maximum size for wind load.
We have partnered with an engineering firm to provide stamped drawings for installation where needed.
Power requirements are very low with LED signage; most signs draw fewer than 2 amps at 120VAC. The LED drivers used allow for a wide variety of AC input ranges from 90VAC to 277VAC typically. Our tower crane sign systems are sent with “plug and play” electrical systems with 15’ of cable to remote enclosures.
From the time of a signed-off design and estimate and deposit, we average 4 to 6 weeks for production plus a week for crating and shipping.
Expedited fabrication and shipping are available if and when needed.
Installing the signs before crane erection is the best option, however, some clients have installed their signage after crane erection as well using other cranes on-site or other methods.
Installation services are available in the state of Washington. Outside of WA, we recommend members of the site team, crane company/rigging, etc. to do the installation.
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