Why Tower Crane Signs?

When comparing our signs to a typical banner or cabinet sign there are 3 main factors to consider…


By leaving the negative space around logos and letters open we are usually able to double the letter size and still comply to the same surface area restrictions. We calculate the surface area with our design / cad software for accuracy.


Using welded aluminum tubing as a support structure instead of a larger solid raceway or backing we not only achieve a larger size but a very light weight ratio with a 42″ x 140″ sign coming in at around 120 lbs.


Nothing is more irritating than only having half of your sign light up with the most inconvenient letters missing. Our signs incorporate high quality LED’s and power supplies with a half life of 50,000 hours. That’s almost 6 years of non stop use and much longer if the sign is on a timer or sensor.


All our Tower Crane Signs are built with high quality LEDs which are solid state so you will not have light outage issues that are possible with neon or fluorescent, both of which do not do well with movement and are nearly impossible to replace if needed once in the air. They are rated for at least 50k hours half life which will give you 10 years of running 12 hrs a day before they are half as bright. Power supplies are installed in a remote enclosure and are easily changed if needed since they are the only possible maintenance issue on the product. These are built to be moved from project to project and can be mounted to buildings, fences, etc to take advantage of the long life span and versatility.

All our Tower Crane Signs are typically installed to the rail with hardware provided by the riggers which is easily attached to the 2" square tube frame on the back of the sign. We leave them in charge of the install hardware since it their area of expertise and we have never had a complaint that there were any issues with installs, in fact we always hear back that is was easier than expected.

The power requirements are very light since it is a low voltage system with each power supply only drawing around 1 amp so a 10 amp 120v circuit is more than sufficient as there are usually no more than 4 power supplies in total.


Here's What Our Customers Are Saying...
  • ”"Thank you so much for helping us find a signage solution for tower cranes on our project sites. Your product design provides better visibility than traditional signage options we have tried, such as banners and light boxes. While I haven't seen the signs on our Louisville Arena project for myself, I have heard nothing but good things.

    I appreciated the various alternatives you presented as we were finalizing the signage design. Although it took me a while to decide exactly what I wanted, you patiently offered suggestions and solutions, which helped build my confidence in your expertise.

    Finally, I can't say enough about my experience working with you. I appreciated your responsiveness, your "can-do" attitude, and your ability to deliver on a tight deadline. It's been a pleasure working with you and I have recommended your product as a company wide solution for Mortenson tower crane signs."”

    - Amy Sporre - Communications Specialist, Mortenson Construction -

  • ”“Tower Crane Signs was a pleasure to work with!  Since this was the first tower crane sign our company had purchased, we had many questions regarding sizing, lighting, etc.  Brian and his team were quick to put together several mock-ups to help us visualize what our completed sign would look like.  Once we selected the right sign for our site, delivery and follow up was prompt.  Thanks for the great service!””

    - Erin Grodem - Marketing, R&H Construction Co. -

  • ”“I worked with Tower Crane Signs on the 1015 Half Street Project in Washington DC; a 420,000 sqft speculative office development for Opus East L.L.C.

    I worked directly with Brian Stoddard. Brian responded quickly to the signage RFP. We needed the signs as soon as possible; Northwest Wholesale Signs were able to fabricate and deliver them from Seattle, WA to Washington DC in 3 weeks. The signs have great visibility and were easy to install. I would highly recommend them for any project signage."”

    - Glen Hanson - Project Manager, Opus East, L.L.C. -